Hey Look! An Orchestra…

Thanks to my many musical friends on social media, I get to enjoy some great performances with my morning coffee.  From coffee house open mics to stadium headliners, the quality ranges from shaky cell phones [...]

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paulallen“In my own philanthropy and business endeavors, I have seen the critical role that the arts play in stimulating creativity and in developing vital communities….the arts have a crucial impact on our economy and are an important catalyst for learning, discovery, and achievement in our country.”
– Paul G. Allen, Co-Founder, Microsoft

Bill_Bennett_by_Gage_Skidmore“The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”
– William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education

44_Bill_Clinton_3x4“Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and by studying music in schools, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.”
– Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States